One of the great aspects of our team at GES is that we know who we are as we operate with the highest levels of honesty and integrity.  It is not often that we find others that have the same faculties that we do on top of the idea that they have similar goals and aspirations.  This is exactly what we have found with our new partners at “That’s a D1.” 

Today we are excited to come together with Kristi and Sam Ferguson, the Founders of “That’s a D1″ which is a parent centered organization that seeks to educate families of all aspiring athletes from their youth all the way through high school.  With their upcoming line of sports apparel as well as educational platforms for parents of all athletes and students, this program will set the standard for excellence and achievement.

Their deep commitment to developing young people through leadership and accountability, the concept of “grinding for your stars” is the basis for anyone interested in becoming a D1 not just in sports, but more importantly in Life!

Stay tuned as we will be launching a short series of free educational webinars that will begin on Tuesday, September 5th for those that choose to be motivated!

Check out their website here to learn more!

Come one! Come All!  After in depth research, mockups and examples, we have arrived at our very cool t-shirt that is perfect for all of our fans and supporters as we prepare for football season!  We must show our great appreciation to the team at Valiant that make this dream a reality. It starts with our outstanding partners beginning with members of the Wangler family including John, Lorraine, Halle, Jared and Jack. But we cannot forget the best point man in the business Mr. Zach Eisendrath! We can’t thank you enough for all your support!

Click on the following link to order and be sure to enter “GES” at checkout to get 15% off!

We were able to assemble our outstanding team of coaches and scouts to show off the new gear in order of appearance we have Shemy Schembechler, Ron Pitts, Cree Morris and Anthony Morelli.

Football season is almost here and we could not be more excited!