The goal of this program is to provide clear advice to high school football players and their families that will assist them in making the best choice of college or university.

Considering my background as a talent evaluator in the NFL, my expertise is identifying every players’ skill set and talent level that will place them in the most competitive setting that will develop them further. The key is to challenge any young man academically and athletically so that he will position himself for a career of his choosing when he earns his degree.

The idea behind this service is that it provides an accountable voice on behalf of any player that college coaches can trust in. With my national network of contacts in college football, I am certain that this service provides the most comprehensive program that will not only provide unprecedented exposure, but also develop each player on a track to improvement throughout their playing careers.

We look forward to working with any young person that has a passion for sports to seek an education that will last them a lifetime!