I would meet directly with the student-athlete and his parent(s) or guardian. The meeting would determine the following:

  1. Discuss goals academically and athletically, which schools he is interested in
  2. Determine which position(s) he wants to play
  3. Take basic measurements: Height, Weight, Arm Length, Hand Span
  4. Gain access to 3 game tapes (HUDL, DVD, other means) which includes best 2 games and the worst game as determined by prospect
  5. One live game or practice evaluation
  6. Evaluation report would include Strong Points, Weak Points, Summation on talent and ability. Also would include which level of play they would be best suited (D1, D2, D3, NAIA). Also would include what things they need to improve upon.
  7. Post evaluation consultation to discuss next steps


Basic Scouting Report Only based on in-depth tape study!


Each of the following will provide advice through the entire recruiting process!

Junior College: $1,000
Senior: $1,000
Junior: $1,500
Sophomore: $2,000
Freshman: $2,500