One of the greatest attributes about the game of football are the same ones that make it so difficult to prepare for and play. It is a game that requires toughness, resiliency and the ability to come back from adversity. It is without a doubt a tool that develops the human condition and leads to success.

Colin O’Farrell of N. Royalton High School resembles all these necessary traits as he went above and beyond what we asked him to do. He is able to do this through his love for the game and his attitude putting the team above himself. What a great joy it is to coach great young men like this!

He will be taking this outstanding football character to play for the Ohio Northern Polar Bears in the Fall of 2019. We know that he will do great things on the field and in the classroom! Wishing you all the best Colin and it has been a great honor to coach you!

Colin and his Dad Ryan O’Farrell

When Academics Creates Athletic Excellence

It is a wonderful thing when the game of football creates opportunities because of academics and not the other way around. It is of little consequence how the opportunity arrives, just as long as there is a spot on the team and lifelong friendships ensue. It is in that locker room where the strongest relationships are formed and always last a lifetime. Through the tough days of training camp where character and toughness show themselves and the development of the human condition is advanced long past what every player can even fathom.

Luke Fisher & Shemy Schembechler

Luke Fisher does not come to Michigan as a highly sought out recruit that makes the rankings of the most elite players that will dawn the maize and blue. But make no mistake that he belongs on that very same team that they do and there are more reasons that one can count. We can start with a tenacious work ethic that extends to every aspect of his life as both a student and an athlete. This is where he thrives in the weight room, on the practice field, in the classroom and in his hometown of Plymouth as an unglorified offensive linemen.

Luke will be entering one of the very top engineering schools in the nation and will be wearing the uniform of the winningest college football program as well. Those of us that know him the best, especially his parents Mike and Pam, have fostered all the traits that will make Luke a success whatever he decides to do. It has been an honor and a complete privilege to work with this rare and unique talent that will contribute to the greatness of Michigan.

We always love to point out great accomplishments of the great players in our program but this one demands special mention!  Ben Wierenga is one of the most unique athletes where his skill set not only makes him an outstanding football player but now he has reached the pinnacle by making the Under-18 United States National Rugby Team!

We have always been proponents of multi-sport athletes as the diversification provides great value to develop more well rounded players on the gridiron!

How he manages two full time sports is nothing short of miraculous and should be revered by college football coaches across the country!  Take a look at the following interview to gain a good understanding how special this young man is!

Best of luck Ben!  We know that you will succeed!