It was Fall 2003 when Shemy Schembechler, who was directing the scouting efforts in the Northeast on behalf of the Washington Redskins, sat down to visit with the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at West Virginia University by the name of Mike Barwis. There were two things that were immediately evident and clear, first and foremost was his clear enthusiasm and passion!  Second was his complete devotion to those under his care.  Mike has brought these rare qualities to the forefront of his quickly expanding organization at Barwis Methods, which was created to be the destination for all things related to human motion and performance. Having followed Mike’s career from West Virginia to Michigan and then to the professional ranks, we are not the least bit surprised as to the heights of his success! GES is proud to partner with Mike and his outstanding team of coaches and trainers as we continue to push the level of excellence that we demand on ourselves.  Take a look at the inspiring video below to understand what we are talking about!