We have been very fortunate to work with some high character football players since the beginning. One of our best examples is Austin Pfenninger who just recently completed his bachelors degree from the University of Miami of Florida.  When Austin came to us, he had set high goals for himself to find a program where he could see the field while earning a Master’s degree all at once with just one year of college eligibility remaining.

These types of opportunities don’t come every day and it requires plenty of research and networking to find the very best one.  To put it simply, Austin went about his work with great passion and vision to arrive at the best decision for him, which turned out to be Drake University!

Austin will be a pursuing a Master’s of Law degree and will be a starter at WR for the Bulldogs in 2017.  Wishing you all the very best as Austin as you continue to reach your goals!

All the best!