If there is one thing that I have learned after a long career in the NFL, the most accurate way to predict the future of any football player is through the professional evaluation of game film. Considering the pain staking process of watching multiple games of each and every snap, it is through the evaluation that there is no aspect of football talent that cannot be identified.

Obviously this is not the only process that we employ at GES, considering that we get to know the backgrounds of each and every prospects so that we know what makes them tick and drives them from a motivational standpoint.  Through each of our outstanding partners, we seek to develop leadership in each and every prospect that we work with.

But it all starts with the film that gives us the basis for us to work through what the reality of recruiting looks like for each young person that we work with.  This is what makes our program the most comprehensive in the industry.

It is the “no stone unturned” philosophy that makes our program the very best and allows us to maintain the highest expectations not only of ourselves, but all the prospects that we are fortunate to work with.

We look forward to working great young people that have the most key ingredient of character and work ethic that will allow them to conquer their goals!

Those Who Stay Will Be Champions!

Coach Schembechler