There are big changes coming to the NCAA Football recruiting landscape that we are keeping a very close tabs on for the benefit of all of our current prospects in our system.  The most important rules amount to the following two key subjects that have a direct impact of every high school football player.  They are as follows:

  1. A mid-December early signing date added
  2. A 10 day limit for satellite camps

There are many benefits to the following rule changes, too many to discuss in this article.  But make no mistake, they mostly serve the best interests of the young people that need some flexibility in finding the best school for them. Take a look at this article to gain a better understanding of what is coming soon.

We take great pride in keeping up to speed with all rule changes that have a direct impact on all of our prospects.  We are ready to assist all those young people and their families so that they can make great decisions on where to go to college!

By the way, be sure to be aware that the NCAA Evaluation period begins in just a few days!

Yours In Football!