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A Big Opening Weekend Of Football With “The Rivalry”!!!

The world is good again because football has returned in grand fashion and we are a part of so many great projects;  what may be the most exciting of all is tied directly into our DNA!

This past Friday night, Schembechler matched up with his worthy adversary Anthony Schlegel, former Ohio State Linebacker and devoted Buckeye on the show that celebrates the greatest matchup in the history of college football between Michigan and Ohio State!

The Show, “The Rivalry: A Tale Of Two Schools” began with a bang where the two hours just flew by and promises to deliver the most exciting commentary as we track the seasons of our respective teams!  Be sure to watch live every Friday night from 6-8 pm as the passion for “The Rivalry” will build every week as we reach a fever pitch to the great game on the last weekend of November!

We will be taking the show live on location to two great venues throughout the season, The Varsity Club in Columbus, OH and Haymaker Public House in Ann Arbor, MI! This coming Friday, September 8th it will be at The Varsity Club, be sure to come down and see us!

Watch the link below to get yourself fired up!


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