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HOF Will Shields Teams with GES Football Recruiting!

April 6th, 2017

For Immediate Release


OVERLAND PARK, Kansas–Former Kansas City Chief great and NFL Hall of Fame inductee Will Shields and Glenn E. “Shemy” Schembechler III, son of legendary coach of the University of Michigan Glenn E. “Bo” Schembechler, are working together to build a business legacy of their own.

Shields, a former Outland Trophy winner at the University of Nebraska and celebrated KC Chief with a 14-year career that included 12 Pro Bowls, and Schembechler, who himself has a 20-plus year career in football scouting ranging from high school, college and the NFL, are bringing their two companies to develop legacies for the most powerful and efficient player development and scouting/recruiting service in the country.

Will Shields 68’s Inside Sports and Schembechler’s GES Advisory Company will partner in the Overland Park facilities that Shields runs.

“Today, you need an entire toolbox to prepare yourself for any sport especially football,” said Shields. “Our program is designed to make athletes faster, stronger, more agile and explosive and our vision is to improve each athlete’s skill set, work ethic, and potential through developmental programming, but you still need more.”

This is where GES Advisory plays an important role.

“The GES program is designed to be the most comprehensive recruiting and evaluation process by bringing the NFL scouting model to the benefit of every high school football player,” said Schembechler. “We provide 24-hour consultation for every player and their parents to navigate the complex world of recruiting with a keen understanding of programs ranging from Division 3, NAIA to Division 1.”

68 ‘s Inside Sports and GES will work hand in hand to emphasize an individualized improvement plan with consistent and reliable athletic, strength and health results. Then a streamlined recruiting process developed for the individual will help the athlete and the family navigate and understand the intricacies and the importance of selecting the correct university.

“Working together, Schembechler and I will serve the day to day needs of each of its members,” said Sheilds. “We will create an efficient process that individuals and families can understand and trust.”

The program begins this Friday, April 7th at the Will Shields 68’s Inside Sports facility in Overland Park.

For more information contact Zach Hibdon, Director of Professional Sports and Scouting at 68Scouting at or His phone number is 913-387-7410.

For more information on GES Advisory, contact Glenn ‘Shemy” Schembechler at or go to



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